With the ability to train up to 6 people using just 1 trainer, the all in one design of the Core Functional Trainer is the ultimate kit offering endless options for your strength training. 
With an extremely versatile design, you can easily attach various sizes of resistance bands to all of the attachments via large and small carabiners, increasing your workout options even further. 
The Core Functional trainer includes 2 x Single straps; 2 x Wooden gym rings; 2 x Hard plastic handles; 2 x Foot attachments; 2 x Resistance bands; 1 x Core Bar; 1 x Carry bag; 2 x Small carabiners; 3 x Large carabiners and 1 x Manual. 
Functional Training Ladder 
Fixed Ladder handles offer immediate progression/regression for exercises over traditional suspension trainers with adjustable straps 
Vertical, fixed ladders offer instability for an extreme core, balance and proprioceptive workout 
Staggered foot and handholds for a more functional workout 
Limitless amount of exercises, limited only by the user 
Perfect training tool for obstable and endurance events 
Small and compact mobile tool, perfect for PT’s, beginners, up to elite athletes 
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